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Welcome to the EDF Renewables Consultation Event

We are keen to share with you the updated plans for the Camilty Wind Farm.

Consent for the wind farm was granted in 2016 by the Scottish Government’s Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA), under the management of previous project owners Partnership for Renewables (PfR). EDF Renewables acquired Camilty from PfR in 2017. 

The consented 6 turbine project, Camilty Wind Farm, is being re-designed with an increase in turbine height, an extension to the operational life, a shorter access track and a new point of access from the A70.

The shorter access track and an improved point of access from the A70 have been consented under a previous application (ref: 0311/FUL/20). As such, this consultation focuses on the proposed increase in turbine tip height from 138.5m to 149.9m, and the extension to the operational life, from 25 years to 30 years.


2016 Original consent granted


2017 Camilty site acquired by EDF


2021 New application submission

Our Team

Sarah Dooley
Development Project Manager
Mark Barrett
RPS Associate (EIA Team)

What happens next?

We hope you joined us for our Virtual Consultation on 19th November to 3rd December.

If you were unable to attend please view the posters, and photomontage visualisations, on our consultation board page here.

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